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Something jumped on me in bed while I was awake

My Name: Aven

My Experience: Forget what you read about sleep paralysis because this morning I was attacked when I was awake!!!! It happened right after 4 am. I was already awake in bed from 130 am. At about 330am I went under the covers to use my phone to go on the internet so I dont wake my wife who was asleep beside me. After 4 my wife got up to get ready for work in our bathroom which is in our room six feet from our bed. So while she was In there I decided to move on her side of her bed to stretch out. Not a minute later I felt the bed move as if something jumped on. I thought it was one of my cats but then I was held down on my bed by some force and it was happening while I was awake!!!! I looked at the bathroom and tried to call for my wife for about a minute but she never came! After this I was very pissed and was able to turn on my back to swear and get this thing off me!! After that I called my wife again and this time she opened the door to see what I had been calling her for. I told her turn the light on and then I asked her you didn’t hear me calling you?!! She said” I did but I thought you were just playing around”. I then told her no, something jumped on me and held me down while you were in the bathroom getting ready for work!!! She looked at me, said oh well and went back to getting ready for work. Me I got out of bed right after to go check my 8 yr old son who was asleep in his bed. He was still asleep and ok!! Whatever jumped on me didn’t go after my wife who was in the bathroom getting ready or my son who was asleep in his room. It went after me who was wide awake in bed!! Screw that sleep paralysis thing I been reading about!!! I was a sceptical for a while until today!! Now I know these things are real!!!


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Updated: February 4, 2017 — 6:51 pm

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  1. Its been more than 7 or 8 years now..atleast that’s how far I can recall this thing. I was a very curious little person from the starting.. when I was in my 6th or 7th standard ,I used to study about wicca and paranormal stuff and with those I once got through with incubus and succubus stuff. Till now I had no idea ,but just 2 days back I got to know that a kind of sprit *male* spirit exactly has been making out with me when I was in my sleep and only when am on my periods. The priest said that you might not remember but he is the reason of your health detoriation.What should I do now? I think while reading all such stuff like what they are and how to summon them ,I accidentally might have opened a door to him or summoned him.

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