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A devil like monkey creature use to wake me up

Submitted by:Rebecca

My Story: My story is more of a question. I am 45 yrs old now but when I was about 17 or 18 I was visitied by a devil like monkey creature several times. It always happened when I was alone. This 2 or 3 ft creature would wake me up and sit on my back snarling and showing its many thin sharp teeth. It was saying something to me but maybe in another language. It was heavy and I couldn’t move but I could speak and it would put its face right down in mine while it was sitting on my back. It scared me at first but after a few visits I started to scream back at it and finally told it I believed in God and He would protect me so leave me alone. I’ve never seen it since…Thank You God! Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything like that. This was not a dream to me, but always happened while I was trying to sleep. I could feel its weight on my back and even though it was only 2 or 3 ft. it felt very heavy. I could not get up. I even remember feeling it slobber on my face while it was yelling at me. Has anyone ever experienced ything like that?

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  1. I have heard of such a thing. It’s called being in a hypnogogic state (Google “hypnogogia”). It’s when you’re in the state between waking and sleeping. You can experience paralysis and visual and auditory hallucinations. It can seem very real. I used to experience this all the time when I was younger. I felt like I was being held down and I would her a man laughing. Pretty scary stuff. It seemed so real. In all probability, that is what you were experiencing even though it felt like it was really happening. Something to think about anyway.

  2. I’m actually very terrified right now that I read your writing… I’ve seen about a 3feet tall, dark and oily “devil” like creature (yet a little more animalistic than a “cliche devil figure”) in my youth and have never forgot the very sight that I saw.. I haven’t known if it’s a real memory, but I’ve talked about it with some people every once in a while and heard 2 similar experiences, yours being the third.

    Just chatted with my ex-girlfriend in the middle of the night, as her friend thinks she’s going insane after seeing a creature like that watching her in her sleep, right next to her in the bed… She isn’t sure if it was a dream or reality. (hypnogogia as mentioned above, perhaps?) and my ex told me about it as she remembered what I had told I saw and her friend had described the same characteristics.

    Her friend doesn’t know about my story, so she couldn’t have made it up because I’ve described the creature to her. Still the description is identical.

    So now I decided to try and google the words “Dark devil like creature” to see if anyone else has seen something like that, as I don’t honestly know if it was my imagination, a dream or reality. It sure seems like a genuine memory image, as I remember in such detail.

    Will tell “my story” in a while, but the weird thing about your writing is, I once (a few years ago) talked about my experience with a guy friend and I got seriously creeped out when he described the creature in very high detail to me before I could even tell him what it looked like!

    He also said it was about 3 feet tall, dark coloured, with kinda pointy ears in the side of the head, big-ish eyes and sharp white (almost silver-ish) needle teeth.

    And right now, what creeps me out the most is that his story has alot of similarities with yours, that I hadn’t experienced, or heard from anyone else.

    He described seeing it as a kid all the time when he was trying to sleep. It talked to him in a weird language, that he somehow kinda still somewhat understood. It often tried to reach for him with “it’s” arm, trying to call him to come with it somewhere and as you said, sat on him and harrassed him kinda like you just described. I KID YOU NOT. That is exactly what he told me. Your similar experience freaks me out damn much. *chills*

    So my experience;

    I had a friend over and I was… Dunno, maybe 10-12? maybe even younger, I can’t recall how old I was in numbers, but well, we were in the most active age of boys and we did pranks and whatnot, but still wasn’t really “big boys” yet in any way.

    So we had gone to sleep, my friend sleeping next to me, our heads facing a window above our heads and our legs facing the only door of the room, about 10 feet away. I was already spooked, because it was raining outside and a thunderstorm was going on, and I was scared of lightning when I was younger. So I couldn’t sleep because of that. My friend was sleeping, as he didn’t have that problem and the storm wasn’t really above us and wasn’t thundering that loud to wake him up. Just distant flashes, basic rainfall, distant thunder.

    So while awake, I heard something in the stairs that kinda creak when stepped on, but our house never creaks on it’s own. The rooms door was open and I didn’t really see that much outside of the room. (We were upstairs and the stairs were just on the left of that door)..

    So I looked at the door to check what the noise was and I thought I saw this around 3 feet tall shadow at the door (I remember it’s “head” being about as high as the door handle) and kept staring at the “shadow”, trying to see it better… In total disbelief if I’m actually seeing anything. The lightning flashed and what I saw was something I’ll never forget and never have seen since.

    It had a dark “oily” skin and looked kinda like a little devil, but more animalistic like you kinda describe it too. It had kinda sharp ears, very white sharp teeth and pretty big eyes, that kinda flashed from the lightning like cats eyes do when light hits em. It was in a “semi-crouched pose” as if sneaking quietly past the door, when the lightning flashed and it clearly looked RIGHT at me at that very moment. Even writing about this gives me the chills. It noticed I saw it. And I immediately had a feeling I wasn’t supposed to see it. So I pulled the blanket over me and hid until I fell asleep, in my fear.

    I remember it also having a thin tail, that was also very dark and oily, as it’s whole skin. I don’t remember seeing any hair on it’s body though. At least not thick, as my “mental image” of it is mostly just oily dark skin.

    I admit, I’ve been skeptical and in kinda dis-belief about what I saw forever, as I know youth has vivid imagination. And it could’ve been a “half-awake” kinda dream as Jen said. But it gives me the chills every time I think about what I saw as I have the picture forever in my head…

    And now I’ve actually heard 3 other stories of a similar creature, from different people, before I have even had the chance to describe the creature to them.

    I wouldn’t probably believe it if I told my story and then someone said “Yeah I’ve seen it too”, but as I’ve heard stories without myself even telling it first, this is really starting to creep me out and …

    What … what if the thing I REMEMBER is an actual memory?

    I’m in that same house right now :S I guess I’ll sleep with my lights on, as the thought of that thing scares the crap out of me.

    (I’m a 26 year old guy from Finland, just “for the record” And I swear on my mothers life that everything I’ve told above is “true” {I did experience it… Not sure what to believe] :))

    1. I’m so freaked out right now! When I was a 9 year old kid I was living at my grandmother’s house in linden California. I woke one night feeling very scared. As I look down towards my feet at the end of the bed I saw an oily stringy haired 3 foot tall, demon-like creature at the end of the bed. The eyes had a green tint to them. Evil as all hell looking. I was scared out of my fucking mind. I screamed and pounded on the wall and tell my grandma and grandpa came running in the room turning on the light. There was obviously nothing there when they came in the room but I know what I saw. I’m married now to a Christian woman who has an extreme bible thumping women who said she saw the same exact creature. This woman does not tell a lie ever. What the fuck did we see? People can’t say we’re fucking crazy because there’s more than one of us who saw the same exact God damn thing.

  3. I have seen a monkey lizard creature. I have been seeing it for 12 years at least twice a year. My grandma has done a lot of research on demons and she says that is what IT is.

  4. What your saying fits the description of a chubacabra I’ve look it up and it says that the chubacabra is small very heavy and is like a lizard and a monkey and has been spotted all over the world

  5. I am a fifty eight old woman and I have also seen this thing as a child you have described to the t I was about three my brother a year younger it was about nine in the morning we all slept in the same room my father had gotten up for work I. Heard him and wanted to say goodbye but when I went to ci. I illlllimb out of my crib I noticed this creature on my brothers crib he was looking at my brother as he slept his claws were rapped around the top rail my crib was against his I stood in crib looking at him for a few seconds then he turned and looked at me. Then turned his attention back to my brother

    1. Hey doll. Just out of curiosity can i ask a personal question? I was approached by a demon when i was six in the middle of the night that i understand was a generational demon inspecting his “property”,. My question is are you the first born and were you concieved out of wedlock? Was your sibling concieved in wedlock? This might be strange questions but i might be onto something

      1. My daughter had recurring visions of an evil monkey for years. She was 5, so 2004 til 2009 when we moved. His name was Dan.. She’s 18, can still draw him. She was traumatized.. Lmk if you ever figured it out? Thank u

  6. Hey! I was shocked reading your post coz ive seen these demon monkeys myself except that they came in groups and were color red. Omg

  7. This used to happen to me too! I can’t believe that there is others out there that have experienced this as well!

  8. If you have see what I have seen I’m very interested in hearing your story and comparing it with mine

    1. Nm
      I seen this creature on top of my brothers crib his was next to mine I was two he was one I woke up early around 8 am my godfather had stopped to visit I stood up to look in my brothers crib and seen this thing sitting on the railing he had short shiny hair his hands were bird like and human he sat still no noise he turned so slowly and looked at me then turned his attention back to my brother the time I got out of the thing was gone

  9. same experience, same Monkey like creature, 2/3 ft. oily color, mid of the night i felt weight on my chest peeped out of my blanket this demon was sitting on my ribs. my nerves were arrested, body freeze, i was unable to move a paralyze condition.Hypnotic form of conscious half asleep half awaken. but was not much afraid because it was something coward which only chose a sleeping vulnerable man. I was evaluating the health of my perception whether what i am experiencing is a vivid image/floating visual or hyper-perception/extra reality. now i came to the point it was not delusion/sensory deception. why all around the globe it appears a 2/3 ft MONKEY like creature???
    My generalization there is something behind that phenomenon and we witness it while we are half asleep and half awake because some sensory abilities are more sharp at that moment. research required. it should not be a Monkey in my opinion if its any pro-natural/extra physical being.

    1. Iv seen a Same resembling presence at my girlfriends last night
      Ape like 3 feet to 4 feet tall but what was very strange was that this one was completele white and very intimidating, my girl had told me stories about her friends experiencing choking in there sleep and paralysis. She had the apt blessed and since then has not had any instances, I’m a spiritual atuned man and so is my girl we both have string faith in the Lord and Christ, we saw this ape like white monkey outside behind the dumpster just staring at us with a grimace.

  10. In my late teens and early 20’s, several other people and myself saw weird, hairy, monkey-like hands or paws or whatever you want to call them, scrabbling beneath the space between the floor and the bottom of the door that lead down to the basement of our family home. That is where my bedroom, my brother’s bedroom, a games room and a bathroom was. We lived in North Battleford Saskatchewan at the time…definitely not a tropical area as Saskatchewan is smack in the middle of Canada and our winters are long and freezing cold. It is a small prairie city without zoos of any kind. This phenomenon was seen on more than one occasion and always witnessed by several others. I remember it occurring in the summer or early fall. It would be in early to mid evening, never really late at night. The hands were small, like a spider monkey’s would be but somehow different… dark brown to black hair/fur with long jointed humanoid fingers and long dark nails. The small arms were visible from just below where the elbow would be…the forearms of the creatures I guess. They would reach under the bottom of the door and scrabble back and forth across the floor. There appeared to be two of them. They moved back and forth very quickly making scratching noises. It scared the hell out of everyone but when I would open the door nothing would be there. I know there were at least two creatures. Both times I saw them others people did too. Once it was me and three of my girlfriends and another time me, my little brother and three cousins. I was always the one to open the door. It took every ounce of courage I could muster to do so. Everyone would be screaming and freaking out. I felt compelled to calm them down even though I too was terrified. There was never any evidence of wild animals being in the house. No scat or destruction that would have occurred had wild animals invaded our premises. We had a dog and cat that most certainly would have reacted if wild animals were there. The creatures I saw…well, partially saw, felt “wrong”. The experience was extremely frightening and had a sense of evil attached to it. I am wondering if anyone else out there has ever had a similar sighting . I am totally baffled by what we witnessed and know without a shadow of a doubt that what we witnessed were not wild animals.

  11. I had the same experience! I am 38 years old. About two years ago (2014), I was on the verge of being sick. I was sleeping face down in my bed and just before sunrise I noticed that I couldn’t move my body because there was a skinny matt-black creature with big nostril, monkey-like face sitting on my back. He kept glaring at me as I was sinking into the bed and suffocating because of the his enormous weight.

    I thought this creature will regret it for doing this, so I turned around with my dream body and struck him in the chest with my sharp claws, but he showed no sign of pain! Instead, he sneered at me and started devouring my whole body. I screamed and I woke up!

    I was curious about my experience, and so I have done some research beyond science;

    Apparently, the creature is a non-physical entity from one of the lower Astral dimensions, which feed upon fear and negative emotions. He can only be stronger than you when you think he is, but do not try to beat him physically in your nightmare. Instead, should anyone have face this creature when you are sick/weak in your sleep, make sure you think very positive, show him joy, love, empathy and trust in your guardian angle.

  12. When I was about 4 years old (26 presently),me, my mom and two teenage sisters lived in this neighborhood of duplexes. My mom had just divorced my dad and I had started sleeping with her every night. Even now, I can remember how terrified I was to go to sleep every night. I had vivid nightmares that would keep me up and freak me out. There was the man’s face in the window and multiple colorful turtles under the blanket. It was all chalked up to a child’s wild imagination. My mom gave me a guardian angel bear that when you pressed it would tell you how she was your guardian angel, she was your special friend. It was like a security blanket. But it still didn’t stop me from having the same dream over and over. It would stand in the corner by the bedroom door. It was shaped like a chimpanzee, no real features. It was more like a shadow of a chimpanzee. The shape would walk around the foot of the bed, it would place it’s “hands” on the foot of the bed and stare. Those were the times I would hide under the covers and press my bear over and over and pray to be kept safe. The shadow wouldn’t ever get on the bed. Sometimes it would pace back and forth by the door. But it seemed to stay in one small area of my mom’s bedroom.

    Years later, when I was 16 a conversation started with my mom about what I use to see. During that conversation, she happened to be on the phone with my oldest sister. Immediately when I mentioned the chimpanzee, my sister wanted to talk to me. On the phone, I told her what I use to see and what she told me next made my heart drop. She said that at the same time I was seeing the “chimp”, she had a dream about an orangutan peeking out of our mom’s bedroom door. In her dream, she would run down the hallway and try to open the door, but the creature would hold it shut so that she couldn’t get in. My sister during that time was 17 years old.

    How did a 4 year old and 17 year old have almost the same dreams? We theorized and determined it was something following our mom at the time. She was suffering severe depression due to the divorce. But even to this day, we don’t know exactly what was in that room.

    I’ve come to the Internet to try and find answers. This is the closest I’ve found but it’s still not the exact description of what I use to see.

    1. Lilybug,I had encountered similar chimp like creatures dancing by bed when I was very young, I was always wide awake and when tried to scream no sound would come out.

    2. The reason I went looking for this is becuz yestirday my young grand daughter wanted her mom to call me so she could tell me way see had seen in the closet. A one eyes scaredy monkey my grand daughter told me. So of course I’m on the hunt do way she seen becuz this I something I have never seen. I do see many things though but my grand daughter did not start seeing things until my daughter moved into her husband long time family home. My daughter always comes to me becuz she doesn’t know how to deal with it becuz she doesn’t see. I still haven’t found a spirit monkey with one eye. Any suggestions

    3. Hi Lillybug,
      I want to hear more about your story.

  13. Hi. Last night I saw a monkey looking at me, I can’t remember much of it as I just screamed at it and it disappeared. For several years I have seen people while I slept, some young children, most of the time adults. It’s just usually a black shadow of a person and they don’t stay for long. I once had one laying next to me in bed, I told it to go away. I wasn’t in the mood, I was too tired to deal with him, he left. I had two really scary ones at the same time, one was on the ceiling coming towards me and I could sence that it was a dark creature he was crawling and in a bridge shape. The other was on the floor, crawling in a bridge shape towards me. I screamed my head off and said fuck too. They soon left. I think the weirdest one to date was I saw a white shadow, my first white shadow I’ve ever had and she was just looking at me, I tried to wave her off as in to say go away but instead of disappearing she moved back instead and I know she wasn’t real because she moved back into my bin. In the past I have seen many people, no one I know either expect
    one. My ex bfs mother, she passed away a day before Xmas eve and while I was laying next to my bf at the time, both asleep I opened my eyes to see a lady with white curly hair looking down at us. She was standing next to the next. I instantly knew it was here. Sometimes seeing these people can be a blessing, others freak me out even so much that I cried and went to sleep in my grandmas bed with her. I’m 30! I’ve seen people since I was 20. Are there such things as spirits, ghosts, the afterlife. I say yes and if they have the time I’m willing to listen to what they have to say. Problem is though, I did actually have two people talking to each other but I couldn’t hear anything but yet their lips were moving.

  14. I was visited by three of them one night in my room ,and i could see their face and all.they had human appearance just all mangled up faces, and a big shadow blocking my bedroom door.they told me they werr just messengers

  15. Yes I have had a similar experience once as a young girl. This monkey shaped thing held me down and I couldn’t move, it placed it’s mouth over mine and it was like my soul was leaving my body. I could see everything around me but was unable to scream. I heard a voice tell me to call Jesus. I said it or rather screamed it in my mind and it left me.

  16. Just had a dream of the little creature last night creature looks like a little walk and had some purplish dust look like he was either injecting it with to me are injecting it out of me didn’t talk or say nothing was looking at me and trying to calm you down and do what you had to do and leave but reminded me exactly of the Ewoks from Star Wars is this the same creature

  17. i saw it last night beside my brother. It looks like a monkey a real demon monkey. it kinda hairy and it has a sharp teeth with a long ear and its only 2 to 3 ft height. My brother was playing video game last night using his smart phone, When i saw it beside him. I was about to scream but my baby is sleeping so I managed to calm myself. It is not the first time i saw a demon beside him. the first time i saw was a little creature with a red skin and a two horn in its head. its smiling at my brother. a demonic smile. I didn’t tell him what i saw because i’m afraid he would never believe in me. i am praying for his soul. maybe its a sign of a bad luck coming towards him and i am praying for god to keep him safe as always.

  18. I saw a creature looks like a monkey with a long ear and claws. 2 to 3 ft height with a sharp teeth and a big eyes. I saw it beside my brother, around 11 to 12 midnight. Well, it is not the first time i saw a demon beside him. The first one was kinda really, really scary. It has a 2 hor on its head and a red skin with a black and long nails.. I saw it laughing behind my brother. I saw it around the devil’s hours. I don’t know if I’m going to tell him what i saw. I know he wouldn’t believe it.

  19. I killed a vampire that had been coming to me in my dream since I was a child I killed that vampire three years ago in my dream when he started showing me my kids in my dream as he was trying to bite there neck, I had a knife from under my pillow and stabbed him. He was trying to get away looking shocked to see me with a knife, I held on to his cape and kept stabbing him, and telling him I told you not to mess with my family. That was three years ago I had to take him out before he took me out.

  20. When I was about 7, maybe younger, I remember waking up in the middle of the night and feeling paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t move or I was too scared to move, I don’t know. I finally looked out from the covers and I could see these black 1-2 foot tall monkey like creatures lining my bunk bed (I slept on the top bunk). They were sort of hunched over and all of them were staring at me. There were six, maybe eight? I was so afraid, I can still feel the fear, 30 years later. I leapt out of bed, screamed as loud as I could, and ran down to the turn the light on.

    Another time, I remember feeling something hovering over me as I lay in my bed. I finally got the guts to pull the covers down and there was a black ‘batman’ type shape right above me – maybe two feet right above me, staring at me. I couldn’t really see eyes but I could ‘sense’ that it was looking at me. The next day, my dad said he saw footprints from my window and was worried that a peeping tom or burglar might’ve been at my window. I had not told him about the dream because I was embarrassed that I was being ridiculous.

  21. I just Googled this and it showed me a picture of a ‘shug monkey’. Does that look like what anyone has seen?

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