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I see a white type head pop out from the telephone pole down the street

From: John P

My Experience: I very new to this kind of stuff I mean i do believe in ghosts, ufos etc just never had an experience before just watched videos or read up on it. For tha past id say week, week n a half everytime i go out for a smoke around 1 to 2am when everyone in the house is sleeping i’ll see this white type head pop out from the telephone pole down the street n its about 4 to 5ft off the ground n no body unless its all black ill stare at it for a moment than turn my head to look around somewhere else n than come back to it n its not there anymore than do the same thinking i’m just seeing shit look around than go back to it n its there again.There was one point tha other day when i saw it n a car drove by it n it disappeared. N than sometimes when i stare at it long enough i get a pain in my stomach n feel light headed. Its starting to really creep me out. Also was sleeping tha other night and woke up to something grabbing my foot so i kicked at it n it felt like something was there but when i looked there was absolutely nothing there. I dont know what to do i do suffer from high depression and anxiety just hope i’m not going crazier than i already am lol. Please help!


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A wind up music box that started by itself

From: Paul Mark

My Experience: I’m in 6th grade and in the class my teacher has a wind up music box that is shaped like a school and plays really creepy music. So once while my class was working on projects together the music box was on a shelf where only the teacher could reach it and the teacher walked out of the room and the music starts playing since I believing in a lot of paranormal things(also being terrified just of stories of it) I started to freak out. When I managed to calm down the teacher walked in and the music stopped. Then the teacher walked out again and the box started playing then the teacher walked in but it didnt stop she asked who messed with it and we all said it started by itself it kept going and the it started to get faster being a slow song we couldnt tell at first but it started getting faster and then the schools power went out and the music stopped.The power was still out when the music started and we all started to get scared . Then as the music started slowing back down the door slammed by itself another teacher was walking by and came to open it and yell at us but the door wouldnt open it wasnt locked but it didnt open after 10 minutes of being scared the music stopped the door opened and the power came back on and ive heard stories from earlier class the the music box would play by itself but not put the lights out or slam a door. After that we couldnt explain what happened


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Paranormal experiences start after my new husband moves in with me

From: Susan Schmitt

My Experience : The experiences started about 2 weeks after my new husband moved in with me and my boys. The youngest was the 1st to experience the entity. I had just tucked him in to bed and started walking down the stairs. Suddenly I heard him screaming at the top of his lungs. “MOM, MOM!!” I ran back up the stairs, opened his door, and turned on the light. He was sobbing and shaking with fear. I had only left his room for a few seconds so I knew he hadn’t fallen asleep and had a nightmare. He said “Mom, something is talking to me in the corner…over by the window.” His bedroom is on the 2nd story of the house, so there could not have been anyone outside his window. I asked him what he had been doing just before he heard the voice. His reply was, “I was just praying.”
After this initial experience things started happening pretty regularly around the house. A light fixture fell off the ceiling for no reason, a bird ended up in our basement, our garage doors would be open when I would get home from work, something would touch my feet when I was sleeping…things like that. However, the worst things that happened come next:
I was home alone one evening, watching netflix in the basement rec. room by myself. My phone was sitting next to my on the end tale as usual. I only went upstairs a few times to use the bathroom and grab a snack. A couple days later I was going through my camera role on my phone and there was a video on it that I did not record. It had been recorded on that night I was home alone around 6:20 pm. It was only 3 seconds long, and the camera was facing the window in the basement (there is only 1). A voice in the recording said “I want him back.” It was clearly a deep, male voice. Definitely not my own. This recording was also done the day after I had asked my priest to come and bless my house. The recording took place in the same corner where the priest and I were standing when he started the house blessing and reciting prayers together. I have since taken it off of my phone because I don’t want to carry it with me, but it is saved on an external hard drive.
Another evening I was awakened at 1:00 am to a huge crash. It came from my eldest son’s room. I got up and ran down the hall, turned on his light and asked “What happened?” His night stand had been thrown into the wall. The glass on the stand was smashed, but the bible, rosary, and holy water had not moved. He was lying flat in his bed when I entered the room and seemed really “out of it.” I could barely wake him. My husband said he never heard a crash…I couldn’t wake him up either. It was as if everyone was drugged and I was the only one aware of what had taken place.
In between these larger experiences small things continued to happen. One evening I was walking down the hallway during the night to use the bathroom. On my way back I saw a very colorful display of wavy lights coming off of my eldest’s night stand. I wasn’t feeling scared, but curious. I walked into his room and approached the light. I put my hand through the colors and they disappeared instantly. Now I was in the dark, so I went and turned on the overhead light. I thought that if I turned it off again, I might see the colored lights but I never did.
More little, but creepy things have happened only to me. I rolled over one night and reached over to see if my husband was still in bed next to me. I grabbed a very skinny, crunchy arm (at least that is what I thought it felt like).
After awhile, I just learned to roll over and fall back asleep because I didn’t know what else to do.
My husband and I both had a “dream” that our pet rabbit was jumping around under the covers between us. I never told him anything until he asked me: “Was Toby in our room last night?”
I had woken up that night and visually saw the covers moving up and down between us…I thought in my head that it looked like the size of our rabbit.
On another occasion I was taking a bath and my husband was in the bathroom talking to me about his ex. Suddenly we heard a loud thud on the stairwell. I screamed: “Someone is in the house!” He got up and ran up the stairs only to find nothing. The actual sound was exactly as if an adult body had fallen down the stairs.
There are so many more things..too many to list here. I finally decided to see a professional Catholic exorcist (one of only 50 in the world with his credentials). I did this after my husband told me he was pinned down and paralyzed 3 times in the same night. He knew it was evil.
Unfortunately since the entity came into the house with my new husband, he would have to be the one to go through the exorcism process and he was not willing. He is not Catholic and therefore refuses any help from the church. He has since told me he is not going to share his experiences with me any more because “I can’t handle it.”
The last, very scary experience happened to me while on vacation. I was sleeping in my own bed in a hotel when I felt someone tugging at my blankets. I was startled out of a sound sleep to see a man in black wearing a black hoodie (no face). He was holding on end of my blanket and just standing there, staring at me. I screamed and then he disappeared.
Weird things continue to happen on and off, but I find experiences happening when I travel, and at my place of work as well now.
There is some kind of psychic thing going on with me these days as well. Predicting things etc….
I wish it would stop, but I feel like there is nothing I can do about it.

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