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Does anyone know anything about a ghost women in white?

My Name :Dawn

My Paranormal Experience: What I’m about to bring up is very hard for me to type out, but I was wondering if anyone especially those who are very in tune with spirit energy could shed some light on this for me. I’m not the type of person to believe in ghost stories and I’m not sure if I believe in heaven. What I am about to type is more to have a conversation or find an answer. My younger brother (my only sibling) passed away on December 11th 2016. His death was very tragic and unexpected. He was 19 years old. A week before this happened he called my mom he told her that he had seen a ghost, a women in a white dress with her arms held out, he had also messaged me over Facebook telling me that he had seen this ghost. At first I was sceptical but he swore he saw it, his GF and her family (he was away visiting them in another town) said that night he saw the ghost he was restless and walking from room to room. He had told them that he thinks something bad is going to happen and that he has an overwhelming feeling that something will happen, he thought maybe it was a sign that our uncle was going to pass because our uncle is sick and was given less then a year to live. It’s really been messing with my mind but I think it has to mean something that there is something after this life. The night of his passing his GF told me that while they were out walking a owl had swooped down and fly beside them, she said it was like something out of a dream and I have to believe that these things are not coincidence that there is something more going on. Does anyone know anything about a ghost women in white? Or could give me more insight into this?


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Strange things have happened to my family in the last few weeks

From: Mikita Sanders

My Paranormal Experience : My name is Mikita Sanders. I live in Indianapolis Indiana. I am a 45 year old woman who, always have been curious or interested in “if” these stories that I’ve seen or read about on TV or online was true or not. My grandmother was very very religious, sanctified and told me stories of Satan trying to test her as she lived her “saved” lifestyle. She told me stories of how she saw things like shadows, figures exorcisms etc during her journey with Christ.

Well, over this past summer I had a cousin who passed away in September of 2016. His name was Lindell Reid aka Buster (42 years old). Buster’s mother had passed away just two months prior to his death (July 2016), Her name was Patricia Reid. Buster dropped dead of a heart attack, and Patricia had suffered from MS for over 25 years. Buster & his mother Patricia lived in a house together. The house ended up in my brother’s hands, Walter Reid. Walter & his 2 children DeQuinne 7 years old & Aaliyah 5 years old, moved into Buster & Patricia’s house about a week after Buster passed. When my brother moved in, the house was filthy, (roaches & mice) they had a lot a hoarding going on. Patricia was bed ridden and no one was keeping up with the house, she was being taking advantage of by family. My brother got the house in living order for him and his children to live.

Let me tell you about the strange things that has happened to my family in the last few weeks.

The first thing was, my nephew (DeQuinne) telling my brother Walter, (his dad) that when he tried to get off the couch, something pushed him back down.
(we thought that was weird, but laughed it off)

I was visiting my brother late at night, the kids were in bed asleep, my brother was in the kitchen, I was sitting on the couch with my 2 toy breed dogs, and the couch started to vibrate, like a cell phone was ringing, but my cell phone was not ringing. I looked around trying to figure out what was buzzing, It felt like the couch wanted me to notice or say something about it, the buzz was centered under me and in the armrest, the couch is old school with a big puffy arm. I yelled into the kitchen to ask my brother what the buzzing was in his couch, hoping he would give me an explanation to why, he looked at me weird and asked me what I was feeling, I told him and he said that he had been feeling the same buzz and couldn’t figure it out. He got the chills, soon as we discussed the buzz it stopped.
(hmmmmm, weird huh?)

My 5 year old niece Aaliyah, was in the shower heard the door nob giggle for a good while, she said she was waiting on my brother to come in, but he never did. She asked her father why he was shaking the handle but never came in, he told her he didn’t, he was in the kitchen with her brother. She said she stood there in the shower and watched the handle move. (Another strange thing)

My brother was getting the kids ready for bed, he told DeQuinne to go on ahead and get into the bed and he’d be in there in a sec, because he was helping my niece, they was in the living room. The house is a really small ranch style, DeQuinne walked about 10 feet down the hall and screamed out a terrifying scream, my brother rushed quickly to see why he had screamed, he said my nephew had jumped into his bed with the covers over his head. DeQuinne said he heard a really big loud boom, but my brother nor my niece heard the Big Loud Boom. DeQuinne, said someone hit the wall, door ceiling or something. My brother thinks with a sound as loud as Quinne said it was, my brother should have definitely have heard that noise. My brother assured my nephew everything was ok. But boy or we thinking what the heck??

The next day which was last week. My nephew Quinne comes home from school and tells my brother he woke up in the middle of the night and came into the living room and saw that his dad was asleep on the couch and so was his little sister, so he just sat in the corner of the same couch I sat on when I felt the buzz. Dequinne said he saw 3 jet black short creepy demon type things with green eyes, was in the kitchen (right next to the converted garage room door) 2 of them just sat there and the other one kept bobbing up and down, like it was looking for something in a candy bucket (??) My nephew said the 1 black thing bobbed up and down lots and lots of times, my nephew said he just watched them. My nephew said, one turned around and looked at him. He said there was some black smoky dirty type stuff on the wall. He said there was a creature on the coffee table, he’s 7 so it was hard for him to really explain what it looked like…but he said it looked like a dinosaur then he said dragon, it had spikes on his back, but it just sat there. My nephew was not lying, he was so matter of fact, and detailed and demonstrated what they did, how they looked etc. I asked him why he didn’t wake his dad up, he said he tried but my brother would not wake up. My mother & I tried to cross him up, but his story stayed the same. He was very serious about what he saw. I asked him if he thinks he was asleep, he said no auntie, I was awake, I was not dreaming.

Last Sunday I dropped my brother Walter & his two children DeQuinne & Aaliyah off at home, and my brother wanted me to come in for a second to take pictures of some antique dolls (clowns that Patricia & her Mother Mrs Strader collected over the years.) that he wanted to sell online. When we first walked in the door my niece Aaliyah sat down on the couch and with a irritated look on her face, she complained of being very cold, now the house was warm to me and no one else complained of being cold but her. (Note) Aaliyah is a hot nature child, always warm but never cold! I questioned her about her being cold, and felt over the area where she was sitting and I didn’t feel any cold air? My brother got the dolls out that he wanted me to photograph and as I was photographing them, I felt a strange sensation, kinda like I was being choked, but not physically, its hard to explain, it was internal…. I though about it, after the fact and it’s like I felt light headed after blowing up balloons (LACK OF H20!!) I immediately left out of the house without telling my brother why I had to abruptly leave, ( I just did’t want to scare him since he had to live there! Plus I wasn’t sure if I was just tripping out, knowing that strange things have been happening there) But I got the heck out of there!! When I got home, I told my mom about what I had experienced, I told her I didn’t tell Walter because I didn’t want to scare him and I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling? But she told me I should tell him anyway, that he should get out of there asap!! Problem is, my brother is a single parent of 2 small children that he just got custody of, he has no job and no where else to go, and the house is rent free!! He doesn’t pay rent, him and his two kids would be homeless if he left. So, I told my brother what I had experienced the previous night. He listened.

Later that day I received a phone call from Bonita. (Bonita is Patricia’s niece & Buster’s cousin) Bonita called and said “Hello, is this Kita?, I said yes this is….she said, hi this is Bonita, Buster’s cousin….I don’t know if you remember who I am? (I told her I remembered her & gave her a warm greeting) She goes on to say that she had called Walter to see how he was doing and to asked if she could come by and pick up some family heirlooms that was left at the house. Walter informed Bonita he had put a lot of stuff out in the converted garage/family room/storage room. (that room was very dark and was already full of stuff and very messy from the beginning) After Walter told Bonita that the things were in the converted garage/family room/storage room, Bonita mentioned to Walter how that room was creepy and stuff happened in there….he immediately stopped her and told her to simply call me, his sister. Bonita said she wasn’t sure why Walter told her to call me, but if I’ve seen something in that house, then it’s true….they’re family has been seeing things for years!

Bonita told me that….Whatever it is, lives in the converted room……

She said that her Aunt Patricia (Buster’s mom) said one night a really tall man came to her door way….he was so tall he had to bend over to get into her door way…..he just stood there and watched Patricia for a real long time! Remember she had MS and couldn’t get out of bed, so all she could do was put the covers over her head until he went away!

Bonita also said that they’re grandmother (Mrs Patricia’s mom) Mrs. Strader lived in the house at one time. (BTW Mrs Strader is still living & in a nursing home….96 years old) She told Bonita that a lady in all white came to her room and covered her with something. (My Nephew DeQuinne lives in Mrs Strader’s old room & my niece Aaliyah stays in Patricia’s old room)

Bonita also told me she was choked one night, while the family had a card party going on and she had to run out the house to get air. ( I hadn’t told her about my experiences by now, I just listened to her first before I told her about my experiences)

Bonita said that over the years, Patricia would let family members live in the converted garage room, and everyone that stayed in that room, would feel someone standing over them as they slept and when they woke up, no one was there.

She said at one time, Paticia’s brother (Bear & his wife Charlene) lived in the converted garage room…..she said that Charlene went to school to practice voodoo!! (huh!!??) She she said that Mrs Strader, Patricia & Bears moms, is a hateful old woman and she doesn’t like anybody…..especially her children’s significant others (wives, gf’s, husbands, bf’s) and Bonita said she wouldn’t be surprised if Bear’s wife Charlene didn’t put something in the house on behalf of Mrs Strader)

My nephew is always having nightmares and fidgety when he sleeps…..If anyone can help! This is still going on…..

Thank you for your time,

Mikita Sanders


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I heard the voice of a woman and children crying

My Name : Simple minds

My Paranormal Exoperience: As a young child I grew up briefly with a mother and a drunk step father from age 5 to 7. We moved two times within the time period. There was something I never expected to happen. We moved to a small town with less than 1000 people that had no grocery store nor gas station. As small as it was there was a tragedy that happened years before our move. A school had burnt down causing some students not making it out of the building in time. Trying to fit in being the bullied 7 year old i was, i took a dare i will always regret. It was sunset and there were 5 of us standing in front of the remains of the burned school. They told me to go into the building. I was hesitant but wanted to fit in. I was tired of being bullied to where i was crying behind the bus stop and hiding on the playground. Removing the fear i entered the building with confidence. The building smelled of old wood and a nasty fragrence so bad you had to cover your nose to even bear the environment. About 5 minutes in of entering the school i started feeling strange, almost frozen in my tracks. The further in i got the worse i started feeling. 10 minutes in i heard the voice of a woman and children crying which made me run out the door all the way home. My ability to communicate with spirits and see them came to me after that. After a few years of experiencing that i had already been moved into the foster care system. The family i lived with was kind, not religous, and gentle people. We moved from the home to get a larger house due to the need to take in more kids. Walking up the stairs i had a feeling of being uncomfortable and felt like someone was watching me. Several months of being in our new place the feeling eased off a bit until one sunday morning. I had been waiting on the church bus to come get me realizing my bible was still upstairs. Before i could even get to the stairs i heard a loud thump that came from my room. I was the only one home at the time. Walking up the stairs cautiously i slowly approched my bedroom to find my bible on the floor when it was on my dresser. My chest started getting heavy so i ran out to the bus as fast as i could. When i told my foster mom about it she told me it was my imagination. Nobody has ever truly believed me sbout being able to communicate with the dead to this day. Present day: about a month and a half ago my fiance and i were upstairs talking when we heard a glass break. The big dogs were in their rooms and the other two are not capable of doing so themselves due to size and age. I was going to go grab the laundry and it was around 3 am. My fiance went to investigate the case of the broken glass. It took him 15 minutes to find what it was. We have a 3 tier picture frame holder with barracades high enough to support them also keep them from tumbling oover. He calls me down stairs to show me. On the top tier was the only religious quote knocked face down. The other two remained on the second and third tier. He snapped a picture to where you can see the face of a man. I’m now 26 years old and still experience paranormal activity. Do i fear some entities? Yes but it doesn’t really bother me as much. If you mess with spirits or taunt they can follow you. Be careful my fellow paranormal hunters and happy holidays


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